CRÈME DE LA CRIME: PI Romy & The Have-Haves

by Ellina Abdul Majid

Buku Fixi

RM 11.35

Romy smiled disarmingly at the Datin. But with her Versace shades still firmly on and her Cassey Gan mask drawn equally firmly across her face, it was akin to trying to make eye contact with a ninja… PI Romy is a small-time detective, working the angles to cari makan in a KL on the brink of dystopia because of Covid. Plagued by the demons of his own past, he stolidly bumbles along through life in his socially awkward way, beguiled yet bemused by the antics of his atas clients, whom he describes to himself as ‘double confirm weird laidat.’ Distinctively Malaysian in essence and locale, the PI Romy detective stories are a nostalgic and irreverent glimpse into the cultural melting pot of 20th century Malaysia in a 21st century setting.

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